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Practice Policies

  • Please be on time to practice!
  • Black Group/Advanced swimmers (must be 11 and older) will come to the 7:50am practice.  Green Group/Intermediate swimmers (7-10 years with stroke knowledge) will come to the 8:40am practice.  White Group/Novice swimmers (all 6 and under and/or new stroke learners) will come to the 9:30am practice.  Please ask the coaches if you are unsure of what group you are in.
  • If we decide to not practice because of weather, a text notification will be sent out.
  • Parents can sit in the chairs by the pool but please let the coaches coach your child.  Also, please do NOT sit under the Lifeguard Hut or in the Lifeguard swing.
  • Only swimmers allowed in water!
  • After practice, please gather your belongings and exit the pool quickly.

During practices and meets, the wading pools and all water features are closed. Parents are responsible for and are expected to control any child they bring to practices or meets. No one is allowed in the pool, except for swimmers that are swimming at their designated practice time, or their scheduled event at a meet. Thus, it is strictly prohibited for any waiting friends or family members (including parents, toddlers, non-participating swimmers, etc.) to enter or partially enter any wading pool or water feature. No one is allowed to climb on any equipment, including all water features, diving boards, lifeguard stands, swim ladders leading in/out of the pool, chairs, lounge chairs. There will be absolutely no running on the pool deck.

Alma Aquatic Park defines the Pool Deck, itself, as anything inside the gates of the pool area.

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