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What is included in the sign-up fee?

The sign-up fee includes all practices, meets, a team t-shirt for the swimmer and the end of the season party.

What is the fee for multiple children?

The first child is $100, 2nd child is $80, 3rd and each additional child is $70.

How well does my child have to swim?

Each swimmer is required to be able to swim the length of the pool (25 meters) unassisted.  No stroke knowledge is required.

When are swim team try-outs?

New this year, we will have Gator Camp for 1st year swimmers.  Gator Camp will be Tuesday, May 29 and Thursday, May 31 at 9:00am at the Alma Aquatic Park.

What is Gator Camp?

Gator camp offers a brief introduction to swim team.  The swimmer will be taught the 4 strokes during camp.  The coaches will also be watching the swimmers in order to make a decision about their readiness for swim team.

Who has to come to Gator Camp?

Any swimmer who is new to the Alma Gator program is required to attend Gator Camp.  The only thing needed is goggles and a towel.

When will I know if my child made the team?

At the end of Gator Camp on Thursday, the coach will let you know if your child needs another year of development before joining the team.

What if we cannot attend Gator Camp?

Your child will not be allowed to participate in any practices until he/she has been evaluated.  Please be in contact with the coaches so an evaluation time can be scheduled.

When do practices begin?

Practices begin the week of June 4th.  There will be 4 weeks of practice and then we will take off the week of July 3rd.  Practices will resume July 9th and our last practice will be Tuesday, July 24th.

What do we bring to practices?

Your child needs to wear a swimsuit and sunscreen and bring goggles and a towel.

When are practices?

Practices are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at the Alma Aquatic Park.

What practice time does my child attend?

Black Group/Advanced swimmers must be 11 and older.  The black group will come to the 7:50am practice. Green Group/Intermediate swimmers are 7-10 year olds with stroke knowledge.  The green group will come to the 8:40am practice. White Group/Novice swimmers are all 5 and 6 year olds and/or new stroke learners.  This group will mostly have no stroke knowledge.  The white group will come to the 9:30am practice. Please ask the coaches if you are unsure of what group you are in.  A coach may advise a child to attend a different practice any time during the season.  Please take the advice of our coaches.

Does my child have to come to every practice?

It is not required to attend every practice but it will only help your child to become a stronger swimmer.

When are the swim team meets?

Alma--June 15th, Clarksville--June 29th, Paris--July 14, Russellville--July 21, Atkins--July 28

What time do the swim meets begin?

Friday meets begin at 5:00 with warm-ups at 4:30pm for the younger swimmers.  Older swimmers begin at 7:30pm with warm-ups at 7:00pm.  Saturday meets begin at 8:00am with warm-ups at 7:30am for the younger swimmers.  Older swimmers begin at 10:30am with warm-ups at 10:00am.

Is my child considered a younger or older swimmer?

Swimmers in the 10 and under age group are considered younger.  Swimmers in the 11-18 age group are considered older.

Does my child have to compete?

Your child does not have to compete.  The fee is $75 for a swimmer who will not compete.

Can anyone compete?

You must be registered with the Alma Gators Swim Team in order to compete in any meets.

What if I only want to compete in one meet?

You can chose which meets your child competes in.  The fee is not any less if your child competes in one or all of the meets.

How do I sign my child up for the swim meets?

You must have an account to sign up online for swim meets.  Please go to the Meets & Events tab and click on Signup Instructions.

What do we bring to a swim meet?

You will want to bring some kind of shade, lawn chairs, cold drinks, snacks, sunscreen, highlighter and permanent marker.  ALWAYS remember goggles and a towel!  

How do I mark my child's arm for the meet?

Highlight your child's races on the heat sheet. Write their name on one arm and their race numbers on the other arm with your permanent marker. This helps the swimmer keep up with their event numbers and also helps the volunteers in the bullpen as they are lining swimmers up for races. You will list the the event number first, then the heat number, then the lane number. (Ex. 4-2-6)

What if a meet is cancelled?

You will be notified through text messaging if a meet has been cancelled. It is common for us to get to a meet, have everything set up, and then the meet be cancelled because of weather. This is just part of the season!

What if my child is signed up for a meet and cannot make it?

Please let the coaches or managers know as soon as possible. Their absense could affect a relay team so we need to be able to make changes as quickly as possible.

What places are awarded at meets?

A heat ribbon goes to the swimmer who comes in 1st in each heat.  These ribbons are handed out immediately.  Medals or ribbons are given to the overall placement of 1st through 6th place.  Medals and ribbons are given to the coach at the end of the meet and will be handed out at the following practice.

What if my child quits during the season?

We hate to hear that your child wants to no longer participate in swim team.  There is a $25 non-refundable fee.  If your child makes it past the first week of practices, the rest of the fee is non-refundable.

Do we take team pictures?

Yes.  Pictures are scheduled for Thursday, June 21st.  More details will be available during the first week of practice.

When is the End of Season party?

Our party date is pending!

How do I get Alma Gator text notifications?

Text @agst2017 to the number 81010

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