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Signup Instructions for Swim Events

How to Register

  • Log in to the website. Login is found in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Under the Meets & Events tab, select "Signup Calendar" to sign up for a swim meet.
  • Click the green MEET ENTRY tab.
  • Click the green Edit tab under your swimmers' names.
  • For each of your athletes, select an option from the drop down list next to their names.
    • (undeclared) 
    • Attending
    • Not Attending
  • You may select up to 3 of the individual events listed for your swimmer to swim at each meet.  Put a check mark next to the events they would like to swim.
  • Under the individual events is a drop down menu to select if your swimmer is available to swim relays.  Relays are swum at the very beginning and the very end of each meet and are one of the big highlights of every meet.  It is very important that you let us know if your swimmer is not available to participate in relays as we try to sign up as many swimmers as possible to participate.  If your swimmer is late arriving or leaves early, DO NOT sign up for relays.  This affects the other 3 swimmers on the relay team.
  • Specify your swimmer's availability for relays from the drop down options
    • Available for all relays-you will be there for the entire meet
    • Arriving late-you can't swim the early relays
    • Leaving early-you can't swim the late relays
    • Not available for any relays
  • Click Save to record your choices.

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