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Swim Meet 101

Things may seem confusing right now (and they are!) but you will soon get the hang of it!  Here are a few tips

  • Always arrive with enough time to get set up.
  • Bring shade (tents, tarps, umbrellas, etc.) and lawn chairs!
  • You will need sunscreen, cold drinks, snacks, goggles, towels, highlighter, and a permanent marker.
  • Concession stands are usually available.
  • Purchase a heat sheet from the concession stand.  They are usually $2. 
  • Highlight your child's races on the heat sheet.  Write their name on one arm and their race numbers on the other arm with your permanent marker.  This helps the swimmer keep up with their event numbers and also helps the volunteers in the bull pen as they are lining swimmers up for races.  You will list the the event number first, then the heat number, then the lane number.  (Ex. 4-2-6)
  • If you do not see your child's name in an event that you registered them for, please find one of the coaches or managers.
  • Please keep in mind... For relays, sometimes boy and girls are combined and sometimes swimmers may only swim one relay.  Please stress cooperation to your child.
  • Swimmers need to LISTEN to the announcer.  He will call out the event numbers to "come to the bullpen".  The bullpen is the area where swimmers are organized for their races.  It is often hectic, but the swimmers will get the hang of it.
  • Don't be late to the bullpen.  LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!!
  • Cheer, yell, have fun!!  
  • Results are often posted by the pool area.  You can check to see how your child has placed in the overall standings.
  • Please plan to stay for the entire meet.  Relays are the FIRST and LAST events.  Leaving early could keep a relay team from being able to compete.  If you need to leave the meet early for any reason, please let one of the coaches know ASAP.
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